Emotions 3.4

SKU: 05.012

Work in the technique of marquetry, the size with the frame is 35×25 inches (88×63 cm). When creating the work, wenge veneer, American walnut, koto, olive ash, gabon, paduk, maple, mahogany were used. More than 400 single pieces of veneer are combined by artist into a single picture. The surface of picture is covered with eco friendly linseed oil and shellac. The finished product required more than 30 hours of artist work. Frame makes from sweet cherry wood. The frame is equipped with suspensions. Customization is possible in the desired sizes. This is the wonderful and unforgettable gift for people close to you. Such decor does not age and always looks worthy. We have not yet met people indifferent to such a gift. We revive the ancient art of Marquetry and give it a new modern look.